Course Description

This is the full 2-part recording of a  live 100+ minute webinar event featuring one of Randy Dean's most popular conference and training programs -- Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets, and includes a coordinated handouts file, list of productivity-related apps to research, several NEW bonus tip videos, and a recently-revised article on how to configure your smart phones/tablets for greater productivity.

SOMETHING BRAND NEW: I am now also offering up to 30-minutes of one-on-one consulting via Zoom for all course purchasers. (This will be scheduled at a mutually-agreed-upon time and date, with understanding that Randy has a busy client and travel schedule. You can also choose to e-mail your questions instead, with the 30 minutes counted toward the responses. Only  one 30-minute consulting session per individual program purchase. If making a group purchase, Randy will be in touch about possible options.)

Here is the program description:

You know which apps are fun, but what apps and functions will help you turn your Droid, IPhone, IPad, Android tablet, and/or Windows device into a productivity workhorse? In this session, we'll discuss the apps, services, and peripheral devices that help take your Smart Phone (and tablets) from "cool" to "critical" when it comes to productivity, time, project, people, and e-mail management as well as "remote" productivity. It may even show you how you could seriously consider replacing your desktop or laptop computer with a smart phone/tablet combination! A highlight to this program is when the presenter, Randy Dean, opens up the floor to program participants to share their favorite apps, allowing people to gain knowledge from all program attendees.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

- Understand the history, development, and current market status of Smart Phone and Tablet devices and their interaction with cloud-based applications

- Customize their own "suite" of productivity-related applications to get much greater usage and capability from their devices

- Set up a "Productivity Home Screen" that allows you to seamlessly launch your most powerful productivity apps and services without the inherent "distraction" that often accompanies these devices

- Learn about useful peripheral devices that will extend their range of capabilities beyond the device itself as well as extending battery life and usage

- Understand the range of applications and possibilities in several "extended productivity" areas, including reference, finance, travel, shopping, health, and more

A coordinated text-based handout with listing of all apps and peripheral devices covered is also provided.

READ the full curriculum listing below to see all of the content you receive when you purchase this feature-loaded course!

The E-mail Sanity Expert(R) -- Time, E-mail and Related Technology Management Speaker and Author

Randall Dean, MBA

Randy Dean, MBA, the "E-mail Sanity Expert"(R), is a professional speaker and sought-after expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 20 years, Randy has been leading training and speaking programs and presentations for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. Obsessed with time management and personal productivity, he left a successful career as a graduate program admissions director, professional marketer, and manager to become a leading speaker and trainer. The author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive and purposeful with their time and life. His highly informative and entertaining speaking and training programs leave audience members with immediately-usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Quick Preview: What This Program Covers

  • 2

    Full Video File: Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets: Getting More Productivity & Less Distraction from Your Devices

    • READ THIS FIRST before watching the Part 1 video: Something Useful!

    • New Video for 2022 -- Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets Part 1: The Essential Apps and Set Up for Enhanced Productivity (Including tips for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Integration)

    • Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets Part 2: Apps & Tools for Enhanced Productivity

    • Coordinated Handouts File: Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets (Print in advance to take notes during session)

    • Bonus Article: My Recommendations for Setting Up Your Phone/Tablet for Maximum Remote Productivity (From Timely Tips!)

  • 3

    Bonus Videos on Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive and Google Keep & Google Drive

    • NEW SPECIAL BONUS: 40-minute in-depth tutorial on Microsoft OneNote!

    • NEW SPECIAL BONUS: 35-minute video -- My Best Tips for Microsoft OneDrive Users

    • Handouts file for OneNote & OneDrive Videos -- Print First to Take Notes!

    • Google Drive, Keep, & Shortcuts -- BRAND NEW 1-hour Video Link from April 2021 Live Client Webinar

    • Google Keep, Google Drive, and Google Shortcuts: NEW Bonus Video on 3 Essential Google Productivity Tools

    • Handouts file for New Bonus Video on Google Keep & Drive -- Print First to Take Notes

  • 4

    BONUS VIDEO: Popular Reference Apps and Categories

    • Smart Phone & Tablet Key Reference Apps and Reference App Categories (Make Yourself Smarter at Your Fingertips!)

  • 5

    BONUS VIDEO: Buck Up Your Battery Life (Tips for Extending Battery Life and Usage)

  • 6

    EXTRA Bonus Video: Time Management REGARDLESS of the Tech!

    • Full Video from Recent Client Streaming Session: Time Management REGARDLESS of the Tech

    • Handouts File: Time Management Regardless of the Tech

  • 7

    Before You Go ...

    • A Quick Video Congratulations and Tips for Getting the Most From this Program Experience Following the Program

    • Thank You for Taking This Course!