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Main videos plus bonus tip videos and articles!

This is the full video-based self-study program for Outlook & Gmail users with numerous bonus videos and articles

Program Length: 90 minutes (plus HOURS of additional useful bonus content!)

Special bonuses: 

You have SEVERAL videos to choose from to take your e-mail management skills to a whole new level (and yes, you can watch all four videos if you choose):

Video #1 -- The NEW webinar replay with the latest versions of MS Outlook and Gmail featured -- covers both software platforms.

Video #2: Taming the E-mail Beast version SPECIFICALLY for MS Outlook Users

Video #3 -- 60 minute Taming E-mail for Outlook Users "Highlights/Technical" Version -- covers several different tips

Video #4: 98-minute Taming the E-mail Beast version SPECIFICALLY for Gmail Users

Video #5 - 60 Minute "Live Interview" on Taming the E-mail Beast Randy did with Kim Hickey of ATI (Outlook & Gmail Tips)

Video #6 --90 Minute Taming the E-mail ETIQUETTE Beast program replay (read more on this below!)

How this works:

Simply make the purchase.  Upon purchase, you will get immediate access to all four video files from the recent live sessions -- you don't have to wait to start improving your e-mail skills! You can start right now.

AND, as a special bonus, I will also add on the replay to a recent Taming the E-mail Etiquette Beast program video  (That is a $99 value on its own!) AND, I'll also get you an e-book PDF copy of my book Taming the E-mail Beast upon purchase! 

SOMETHING BRAND NEW: I am now also offering up to 30-minutes of one-on-one consulting via Zoom for all course purchasers. (This will be scheduled at a mutually-agreed-upon time and date, with understanding that Randy has a busy client and travel schedule. You can also choose to e-mail your questions instead, with the 30 minutes counted toward the responses. Only  one 30-minute consulting session per individual program purchase. If making a group purchase, Randy will be in touch about possible options.)

I have also added a new "Post-Program Interactive Self-Study" PDF File.  This file will reiterate key points in the webinar video replays, as well as add a deeper layer of content, including links to related articles, book suggestions by other authors, and links through to several short YouTube tutorials. I recommend you first go through one of the video replays above to understand the key concepts, and then really master your new skills by going through this Post-Program Self-Study PDF. 

This is a program bundle worth more than $250, but you can get it today for only $99!  

(Remember, this is single-person pricing only -- if you have an interest in making this program available to a group, please see the note near the end of the program description for details on group pricing/licensing options.)

Yes, you get to pick your preferred Taming E-mail video (or watch all of them if you are a "glutton for punishment!"), including the video replay of the full Taming the E-mail Etiquette Beast program (available NOW!), AND a PDF e-book copy of my book Taming the E-mail Beast (Also available NOW!) as well as the new Post-Program Interactive Self-Study PDF file.

AND, I've added SEVERAL Bonus Videos and new "Microlearning" videos on better e-mail management, efficiency, and etiquette -- you will get access to those to pick up even more skills following your review of the main program videos.  This is truly designed to help you not just TAME your e-mail beast, but to outright master it!

SEE the curriculum listing at the bottom of the page to see ALL of the videos, materials, and bonus items included in this feature-loaded training program!

More on this program:


Does any of this describe you???

Has email gotten IN THE WAY of your productivity, instead of helping your productivity?

Are you checking email SO OFTEN it has you highly distracted and “scatterbrained”?

Are you also reading the same messages OVER AND OVER again, doing nothing with them?

Are you “getting lost” in your inbox, missing important messages, tasks, and responsibilities?

Are you simply having problems finding your messages when you need them?

And are you simply struggling to keep up with the heavy flow of messages coming in?

Finally, do you just know you are missing out on powerful time-saving, productivity-enhancing tools inside your Outlook and/or Gmail email software?

If so, I CAN HELP!

My name is Randy Dean, MBA, and I am popularly known as The E-mail Sanity Expert(R)Over the last 17 years, I have delivered literally hundreds of live speaking and training programs for thousands of busy working professionals for major corporations, top universities, and governmental agencies all over the United States Canada, and Europe, helping people become much better at e-mail management. I am the author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the Email Beast, and have spent virtually all of my time since releasing that book crisscrossing North America (and sometimes Europe!), showing people how to reduce email distraction, regain their email productivity, and once again find their email and professional sanity!

As the leading email management expert, I can help you relieve your email pain:

  • I show clear and easy strategies for getting more efficient when processing your messages, using oft hidden yet highly useful productivity tools inside of Outlook and Gmail that help you keep your inbox clean and under control.
  • These same strategies inherently reduce your email distraction, keeping you from reading the same messages over and over again and duplicating much of your work.
  • But I also show how you can be quickly notified when you receive your most important messages from your most important people.
  • And, I also explain how to better manage your email both at the start of the day and throughout the day so you can get back to people quickly if needed, but also so you can find significantly more time each day for your most important projects, clients, activities, and events. I am going to get email out of your way so you can get done what really needs to be done!
  • I even show you how to automate some of your outgoing messages, both enhancing your email efficiency, as well as improving the quality of your communications over time!
  • And, I will help you to get much more organized, so you can quickly and efficiently find messages when you need them without having a bunch of distracting clutter in your inbox.
  • And, when you complete this program and my additional bonus materials included in this course, you will likely be the “resident e-mail efficiency expert” in your company, team, or office. You will simply know tons of useful Outlook and Gmail tips, tools, and techniques that will start saving you time immediately.
  • One major university client found that those taking my course saved more than two hours per week -- that is per employee! That is like finding two weeks of unused vacation per year!

Course Curriculum

You will gain immediate access to all of these items upon purchase

Your Course Leader

The E-mail Sanity Expert(R) -- Time, E-mail and Related Technology Management Speaker and Author

Randall Dean, MBA

Randy Dean, MBA, the "E-mail Sanity Expert"(R), is a professional speaker and sought-after expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 20 years, Randy has been leading training and speaking programs and presentations for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. Obsessed with time management and personal productivity, he left a successful career as a graduate program admissions director, professional marketer, and manager to become a leading speaker and trainer. The author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive and purposeful with their time and life. His highly informative and entertaining speaking and training programs leave audience members with immediately-usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.

Pricing options

Options for the individual learner as well as discounted per-person group learning options

What you will learn ...

Look at everything you can learn in this program:

In this powerful 90 minute webinar replay, you can learn the basics of effective e-mail management using either MS Outlook and/or Gmail. In a quick self-study single session (plus several valuable bonuses!), you can dramatically improve your e-mail management, processing, and efficiency skills!

Program Background:

Taming the E-mail Beast Using MS Outlook and/or Gmail: Key Strategies for Managing Your E-mail Overload

This is Randy Dean's most popular course based on his Amazon e-mail bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast. He has taught this same course at major corporations, top universities, at national conferences and conventions, and for state and federal government agencies for thousands of working professionals all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe -- often multiple times for the same client organization so they can get more of their people to follow Randy's critical e-mail management strategies.

Here is the program description: 

We live in a world with far too many inputs, distractions, and e-mails. And too many professionals are struggling to keep up, feeling helpless as they lose control of their inbox. In this program, Randy Dean, MBA, The E-mail Sanity Expert (R), will teach you strategies for better managing your e-mail overload, including strategies for better prioritizing incoming e-mails, converting e-mails into calendar, task, and/or contact items, reducing e-mail distraction, and automating certain e-mail actions for better efficiency. He'll also show a handy strategy for automating some of your outgoing e-mails, and even just small parts of e-mails. Attendees to this session walk out with tangible skills and techniques for gaining efficiency and productivity with e-mail, with specific technology demonstrations provided in the two market-leading software programs: MS Outlook and Gmail (although users of just about any e-mail software tool will benefit!). 

At the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

Understand the nature of e-mail & information overload in today's workplace

Have a strategy for "splitting" work, personal, and junk/spam e-mails for greater efficiency

Use a very simple "rule" for managing all incoming e-mail that allows for both greater speed and prioritization of those messages and embedded tasks

Learn how to convert e-mails quickly into tasks, contacts, and calendar items

Use embedded functions inside of your e-mail that allow you to "automate" certain common activities/messages

Build a personal file "infrastructure" that can assist in achieving greater organization and possibly even "e-mail ZERO"!

Reduce distraction by identifying most important senders, removing frequent spammers, and more.

We will cover all of this and more, helping you and your team to greatly increase your productivity by enhancing your communication efficiency and productivity and reducing your email distraction. Join us on this important topic at your convenience, accessing the program at any time convenient to you. Register above now for only $79! per person.

How is this program delivered?

Just by signing up, you will at that time gain immediate access to the video replay files of the Taming E-mail webinar replays mentioned above, giving you the basics for email mastery in one complete video program. Of course, with these replays, you can use the user controls to pause, rewind, fast forward so you can truly master the skills most useful to you and your software. (Don't forget that we actually have two specific versions -- one providing tips for Outlook users and one for Gmail users if you are only using one of these software tools, as well as the two replays that cover both if you use both tools.)

You are also provided a coordinated handouts file that you can print and then take notes as you follow along with the program.

I have also provided several useful short bonus articles on email management and usage to build on the key learnings and top strategies/techniques in the program.

And I will be adding several new bonus videos on tips I didn't have time to cover in the main webinar program (SOME are available right now). You will get these bonus video tips to keep building your skills over time.

Ready? Click on the program purchase button above or below now.


Get these skills for only $99 -- start Taming YOUR e-mail beast TODAY!

P.S. Remember, this is a per-person pricing for this program, and the program is not to be rebroadcast or distributed to larger groups or additional people without permission -- that would be a violation of copyright law.  

See below if you have an interest in purchasing a further-discounted (per person) multi-person license.  I will reach out to you following the purchase to provide the options for sharing this to a multi-person group or team.

Are you a corporate or organizational learning professional?

Would you like to share this powerful program with your entire team?

Contact me directly for information on group discounts for several learners, and even live webinar and in-person training options: e-mail me at randy@randalldean.com.

SPECIAL OFFER for Corporate/Organizational Learning Professionals:

If you purchase this course for a "test drive", and then decide to offer this or any of my other courses in a live, onsite training program or conference event, webinar, or make a group purchase of this or any of my other streaming programs, I will discount your fee by the amount of this original purchase price. To learn more about my live speaking/training options, visit my web site at http://www.randalldean.com.

What is next if I complete this program?

I have deeper follow up programs on advanced time, project, client, and people management strategies using Outlook or Gmail, mastering email etiquette and composition issues, using your smart phones and tablets more productively, and more. (You can see many of these different programs on the front page of my eLearning Academy. When you complete this first program, I will give you suggestions on how to keep your momentum and add to your valuable email management skills.

Pricing options

Options for the individual learner as well as discounted per-person group learning options

Still need more proof?

Here's what people have said about this super-powerful, incredibly useful course:

Actual Course Attendee Comments:

"Great course! It made me realize that I only use a fraction of Outlook's capabilities. I learned a number of "tricks" and features that will help me be more productive."

"He is very passionate about the topic and explains things in a relatable way."

"I liked the ability to pause the presentation to practice the steps given for short cuts. This course gave a new outlook on how to better manage, store and follow up on emails and tasks."

"5 stars. Practical, helpful course with impactful tips."

"Loved the instructor!"

"Contained useful ideas to share with staff to remove the ongoing email distractions."

"Wow! This is awesome stuff. I implemented the 3-minute rule before I even completed this course...it is a game changer for me."

"The instructor was entertaining he kept your interest during the course. He provided great tips that can be implemented right away. He had good strategies to follow for long term implementation."

"Very good course. Good points. Highly informative. Effective instructor."

"Learning available features of Outlook was a great point about this course. This will help organizing the incoming e-mails much better."

"Excellent course. Mr. Dean is a good instructor who knows his subject very well. He has practical step-by-step instructions for making our use of e-mail more efficient."

"Great common sense recommendations. Wasn't aware of Outlook features that make things much easier!"

"I enjoy Mr. Dean's presentations and I am already putting several of his e-mail recommendations into action."

"Excellent tips for efficient use of email!"

"Wow! This course is loaded with practical tips and time savers, and helps you think about how to really organize this flood of information coming at you all the time."

"5 Stars. Awesome course."

"Very helpful information from an engaging and entertaining lecturer."

" Love the 'Three-Minute, One-Touch Rule' though this is easier to say than do sometimes. Also I used the Signatures/Drafts as 'Auto E-mail Tools' and I saved so much time on my commonly used messages."

"This online course was very informative. The instructor was very effective and clearly has a passion for what he does. He kept me engaged at all times and even inserted various humorous comments to make the experience entertaining. Highly recommended."

"5 Stars. Helpful information to efficiently manage emails."

"Great course. I have used Outlook since 2003 in many large organizations without ever receiving proper training. My disaster of an inbox will be getting a much needed makeover!" 

"It's common sense, except that I'm not even doing it. This training session is awesome."

"Wonderful course. Great information presented in an intriguing way. Definitely recommend this course; it's educational, entertaining, and interesting -- what more could you ask for?"

"5 Stars! What an inspiring course! I will be using Randy's tips and passing on to others!"

DID YOU KNOW?  One of my university clients found that the employees that attended this class saved more than 2 hours PER PERSON PER WEEK by taking this course!

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