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By purchasing this "double play" combo course, you will get access to BOTH of Randy's most popular MS-Outlook-related courses, Taming the E-mail Beast: Key Strategies for Managing Your E-mail Overload Using MS Outlook and/or Gmail, and its close companion, Optimizing Your Outlook: Managing Your Time, Projects, People, Ideas, and E-mail Using Microsoft Outlook or the Gmail/Google derivative: Time Management in "The Cloud" using Gmail/G-Suite. 

You get the two programs together for almost 20% off the single-program price (a savings of $29!) You will also get access to both video programs, all of the learning materials provided for each course, AND, as a SPECIAL BONUS, access to the new Post-Program "Activated" Self-Study PDF on the Taming E-mail course.

This two-course-plus-book combo could fundamentally change your relationship with your work, your projects, your people, your time, your focus, and, of course, your e-mail!

NOTE: All purchasers of the Double Play will be contacted by e-mail following their purchase to see if they prefer the Outlook option or the Gmail/Google option and courses.

The E-mail Sanity Expert(R) -- Time, E-mail and Related Technology Management Speaker and Author

Randall Dean, MBA

Randy Dean, MBA, the "E-mail Sanity Expert"(R), is a professional speaker and sought-after expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 20 years, Randy has been leading training and speaking programs and presentations for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. Obsessed with time management and personal productivity, he left a successful career as a graduate program admissions director, professional marketer, and manager to become a leading speaker and trainer. The author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive and purposeful with their time and life. His highly informative and entertaining speaking and training programs leave audience members with immediately-usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.

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