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You have heard about this new program --

now it is finally here as a powerful 

120-minute recorded webinar program (with several valuable bonuses!)

NOTE: The recording from the recent live webinar program is NOW AVAILABLE -- you can now access this recording right now by simply purchasing the course from this screen.

SPECIAL NEW BONUS: I have also added new video content on "Ending the Office Clutter" since personal & professional clutter is one of the biggest distractions for many people!

Once we receive your paid registration, you will receive full access to the 120 minute recording and handouts file you can print for notes for the course. REMEMBER, this is a single-user license, and any unauthorized sharing to other individuals is a violation of Copyright law. 

SOMETHING BRAND NEW: I am now also offering up to 30-minutes of one-on-one consulting via Zoom for all course purchasers. (This will be scheduled at a mutually-agreed-upon time and date, with understanding that Randy has a busy client and travel schedule. You can also choose to e-mail your questions instead, with the 30 minutes counted toward the responses. Only  one 30-minute consulting session per individual program purchase. If making a group purchase, Randy will be in touch about possible options.)

See below if you have an interest in purchasing a further-discounted (per person) multi-person license.  I will reach out to you following the purchase to provide the options for sharing this to a multi-person group or team.

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A Couple Quick Questions for You:

Just how distracted are you? (If you are not distracted at all, go back to work and stop reading this.)

Is distraction getting in the way of your productivity?

Are distractions and "e-distractions" negatively affecting your work and life?

If you are like most people, you are drowning in distraction and e-distraction. 95% of working professionals report being distracted at least once daily (and many people in my live programs complain about pretty much constant distraction, especially at work.) About 25% of you look at your inbox 20 or more times a day, reading the same messages over and over again doing nothing with them. Many of you are spending hours on social media trying to impress people you barely know or don't even like. Heck, 13% of you are clinically addicted to your smart phones. (And the average smart phone user looks at their phone 150 TIMES A DAY! How often are you checking your phone???) And the average adult receives and attempts to process THOUSANDS of potential messages, advertisements, e-mail, inputs, tweets, and texts DAILY.

Because of this, many of us live a life and career rife with distraction. And we weren't brought up this way: 20 - 30 years ago, the amount of messaging we were receiving was significantly less. We are drowning in information, inputs, and distractions, without the proper skills to cope, survive, and thrive. It is easy to see why endless e-mails, phone calls, "stop by's", text messages, smart phones, apps, clutter in the office (and at home), traditional media, social media -- even family and friends are taking all of our time and attention, and killing our productivity and focus. If you let yourself, you could be literally distracted every waking moment (and it seems many people are.)

But, you have work to do. A career to manage. A life to live. Are all of these distractions helping you to be successful, or are they possibly (likely) keeping you from your success and the career and life you desire?

Do you find yourself several times daily trying to remember what you were just doing a moment ago?

Does it seems your key projects are taking forever (if you even get to them?)

Do you feel stress and anxiety when away from your phone or e-mail, for even just a few moments?

Does it seem like you are just moving from one e-mail to the next interruption to the next text message to the newest social feed or tweet, but you are getting nothing of substance done?

Are you "majoring in minor productivity"?

Do you yearn to be productive and focused again, like you haven't been in months (or years)?

Do you feel as if your technology and media now owns you, instead of you owning it?

Does it feel like all you are doing is chasing squirrels???

If so, this webinar may be just for you. If you see much of yourself described above, I recommend you register now using the link above.

It is time to take your career and life back, and put this technology, software, and media back in its proper place.  It is time to find your productivity, your focus, and your sanity once again. It is time to stop chasing these squirrels.  That is what we are going to do in this webinar -- show you how!

I am Randy Dean, MBA. I have been in private practice for more than 17 years, leading 75-100 programs per year for many consecutive years now on time, productivity, and e-mail management all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. I have worked and led programs with Fortune 50 corporations, major universities, and at top national conferences and conventions, becoming pretty well known as The E-mail Sanity Expert®. After releasing my Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, several years ago, I've been crisscrossing North America, leading programs on e-mail, time, productivity, and related tech management for organizations large and small, with a focus on getting people more productive and efficient on their most important work.

And, while I've helped literally thousands of professionals to better manage their time, projects, e-mail, and related technology, I've been watching an even bigger threat emerge: endless distraction and e-distraction. Not only is it e-mail, but it is also voice mail, phone calls, text messages, in-person interruptions, "smart" phones & tablets and related apps & games, and social and traditional media. Add to that general clutter and disorganization and even your family and friends, it is frankly pretty amazing anyone is getting anything done. And some recent statistics have shown that individual productivity, which has been rising for decades (often due to the technology and software discussed above), is now leveling off and possibly even falling for many professionals. And I know why:

You have lost your ability to find and maintain your focus.

There are so many distractions happening minute by minute that it is almost impossible to keep and maintain your focus and productivity. And many of these distractions add little or no true value to your work or life. I keep hearing it after so many of my sessions -- "Randy, there is just so much hitting me all the time, I often can't remember where I'm at or what I was just doing." These multiple distractions are figuratively a pack of squirrels running roughshod over your work and life. I call this "The Squirrel Syndrome", and it is the basis of this new webinar program I'm leading and an upcoming book in production right now.

I want to help you solve this "squirrel syndrome" by focusing on these critical areas in this webinar:

- The two key ways endless e-mail is ruining your focus and productivity 

- How phone calls, text messages, and in-person interruptions are adding to your hyper-distraction

- How your "smart phone" has both made you "stupid", and effectively taken control of you 

- How the apps and games on your devices are only making you more scatterbrained

- How the explosion of social and traditional media channels and outlets has so divided your attention that it has literally negatively affected your IQ and EQ

- How all of this has enhanced your stress and anxiety and reduced your productivity and even your long-term enjoyment of your life and your peace of mind

But we are not just going to talk about how bad it has become -- for every one of the "squirrels" above, we are going to also provide proven, tangible solutions for reducing distraction. We're going to discuss how to "set yourself up" for more focus, more productivity, and less distraction. We are going to provide tips and strategies for managing each of these squirrels, and regaining control of your work, your focus, and your technology. We'll even provide useful tips and strategies for regaining your focus and productivity when it has been momentarily lost. 

My goal for each attendee to this program is to find solutions that will literally provide them with potentially HOURS daily of additional focused time -- time to be used to perform better in their career; time to be used to better enjoy their life!

It is time to stop feeding these squirrels! Sign up for the webinar right now using the registration link above. (REMEMBER, this is single person pricing for this program, so no unauthorized sharing or rebroadcast -- that would be a violation of copyright law. Interested in several people attending from your firm -- keep reading:)

All attendees will not only get to attend the live program, they will also get access to the program replay as mentioned above as well as access to a coordinated handouts file in PDF format in advance of the session, allowing them to print and take notes to enhance their learning experience. And I'll even send you a few articles following the program to help you build upon these key learnings.

SOMETHING BRAND NEW: I have also added a new "Post-Program Interactive Self-Study" PDF File for the Taming E-mail content in this program!  This file will reiterate key points in the webinar video replays, as well as add a deeper layer of content, including links to related articles, book suggestions by other authors, and links through to several short YouTube tutorials. I recommend you first go through one of the video replays above to understand the key concepts, and then really master your new skills by going through this Post-Program Self-Study PDF.

Are many of your people distracted?

Now, if you are a manager or director of HR/human capital, you need to understand something -- these squirrels aren't just chasing you. They are likely bothering nearly all of the members of your team. This "distraction epidemic" is likely affecting their performance and your firm's bottom line.  This may be a would like to have several people attend. If so, please e-mail me at and let me know how many people you'd like to have attend this live webinar program.

(Are you a member of a professional group/association and think your members could benefit? We may have an option for you to co-promote this program -- contact me also at to learn more.)

I even lead this program in longer workshop programs for many of my organizational clients -- contact me at for more information on live in-person and webinar program options. (And yes, I also lead shorter "conference-style" sessions on this topic for your next meeting, conference, or convention too -- as well as my many other popular topics like Taming the E-mail Beast, Optimizing Your Outlook, Time Management in "The Cloud" Using Gmail/Google, Taming the E-mail Etiquette Beast, and Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets. And yes, I often cover 2, 3, 4 of these different topics at the same event to "stretch the dollar" of the meeting planner or training director.)

I'm actually impressed you have enough "train of thought" to have read this far! There is still hope for you! Get even better by signing up for this live webinar program today using the Register Now link above.

Let's get rid of some squirrels together, and find your productivity and focus again! Purchase this program Today!

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The E-mail Sanity Expert(R) -- Time, E-mail and Related Technology Management Speaker and Author

Randall Dean, MBA

Randy Dean, MBA, the "E-mail Sanity Expert"(R), is a professional speaker and sought-after expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 20 years, Randy has been leading training and speaking programs and presentations for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. Obsessed with time management and personal productivity, he left a successful career as a graduate program admissions director, professional marketer, and manager to become a leading speaker and trainer. The author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive and purposeful with their time and life. His highly informative and entertaining speaking and training programs leave audience members with immediately-usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.

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