Optimizing Your Outlook Featuring Outlook 2016 and/or 2013
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(Now featuring a new 2-hour combo video of Taming E-mail and Optimizing Outlook) Manage Your Time, Projects/Tasks, People, Ideas, and E-mail Using Microsoft Outlook | taught by Randall Dean
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NOW Featuring a NEW 2-Hour Webinar Replay 

(August 2018) NOW Available with 

videos featuring either Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 (you choose!)

Optimizing Your MS Outlook:

Time, Project/Task, People, Idea, and E-mail Management Using Microsoft Outlook

Course Led by Randy Dean, MBA

Your Course Leader: Randy Dean, MBA
Special Note: I have recently upgraded my software to Outlook 2016 on Windows 10, and will be featuring all of my popular demonstrations in the newer software. Still using Outlook 2013?  When you register for this course, you will have the opportunity to watch a previous video training of this program in the software you are still using (although the majority of tips in this session work in both Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013). All program registrants will have the option to watch the new webinar replay from Fall 2017 featuring Outlook 2016, and/or watch the previous recording from 2016 featuring Outlook 2013. AND, see the special additional video bonus I have added into this program (more info below!) featuring a recording of a previous live onstage program training event!

Upon registration, you will also get a full set of coordinated handouts in PDF format you can print in advance of the course so you can take notes and follow along. 

NOTE on Pricing/Copyright: This webinar is specially priced at $99 per attendee. That is per-person pricing, and the program is not to be shared or rebroadcast to other parties without express permission of the program leader and copyright owner, Randall Dean.

Do you have multiple people you'd like to have attend this event? Contact me directly at randy@randalldean.com for discounted per-person pricing options for multiple-person orders.


Perhaps you’ve heard of Randy Dean’s Taming the E-mail Beast Using MS Outlook course, and you know how it can help professionals at every level increase their productivity using e-mail in MS Outlook. But did you know that Randy Dean, author of the recent Amazon Bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, can help you take the next step with your Microsoft Outlook to use it for more sophisticated time, project, client, and idea management, as well as better long-frame, daily, and minute-by-minute management. (Microsoft Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.)

In this version of the course, Randy tailors all program and software demonstrations to the MS Outlook environment, and shows extensively how MS Outlook can be a center point to an advanced personal productivity and time management system. Randy will help you understand how many of the different functions within Microsoft Outlook were designed for enhanced productivity, and give great suggestions on how you can get so much more from this powerful and amazingly useful software program.

This program will greatly enhance your ability to use all five of the main Outlook functions: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and, of course, E-mail. (Keep reading for course testimonials.)

Randy’s Optimizing Your Outlook course covers the following topics/areas:

  • A basic understanding of key “bigger picture” time management principles – including your current active projects and life roles – and how they can be integrated into your MS Outlook software
  • A discussion on the critical survival skill of “effective procrastination”, and how Outlook can help.
  • Fully integrating your MS Outlook software and related peripherals into your time management system, and getting the most usability and functionality out of your software, including:
  • Setting up your “Tasks” function for prioritized project/client actions
  • Strategically managing your Calendar to increase personal and professional effectiveness
  • Working with your Outlook functions to better manage your week and your day, by following new routines to enhance focus, reduce distraction, and have more confidence you are working on the most important items at any time
  • Using creative methods to make interpersonal communications more efficient and effective
  • Integrating your Outlook software into your broader office/personal organization system
  • Managing your “e-mail & info overload” — emails, voice mail, "snail" mail, and all those articles to read! – including several specific and highly useful strategies for Outlook e-mail management
  • Building an intelligent and structured Outlook folder system for efficient filing and management
  • Utilizing the “Notes” function to help “clear your mind” by creating several highly useful lists for organizing the random clutter in your mind
  • How to set up Outlook “reminders” that prompt you to take appropriate actions at the right times
  • Enhancing the information saved in your “Contacts” list for better relationships & communication
  • Setting up your time/project management system and your MS Outlook so that it contributes to your personal life just as much as it contributes to your professional life (“programs in” Work/Life Balance!)
  • Developing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rituals to help you stay on top of your system and keep your time management and personal organization skills sharpened

The program includes a coordinated handouts file in PDF format, as well as several additional bonus articles that will help program attendees build, develop, and retain the skills gained in the program session.

Here's what people have said about the full Optimizing Your MS Outlook program:

"The presentation was very helpful. I am definitely one of the people that only used Outlook for three areas. Will be able to expand on it now."

"Excellent course. Reorienting to Calendar, then Tasks, then e-mail makes a great deal of sense and I will be implementing it immediately."

"Such useful information. makes me more efficient. I think all business professionals can learn greatly from this course. helps manage time and overall improve organization skills. A must have course for professionals."

"I learned a lot of useful tips for Outlook that I wasn't aware of."

"This is a great course for someone who needs an overview of different tasks you can do in outlook. I plan to take the next course so I can delve down deeper and become more efficient."

"Great overview of Outlook factional tools. I love the instructor's personal stories and positive personality. Easy directions to follow and great content,"

"Great content for new and intermediate Outlook users."

"5 Stars! Very useful course! Thanks!"

"Great speaker and content. Kept me interactive with the presentation."

"I liked the entire course. I was surprised at how many features there are I didn't use. I think anyone using Outlook could benefit from this course."

"Course material was simple to follow and great to do's! Instructor made the course easy to listen to, with some comedy that most people can understand."

"Didn't know you could create task and calendar entries via drag and drop - a simple thing that is quite useful."

" Excellent course. I thought I knew a lot about Outlook but I learned a few new tricks."

"Powerful stuff that I will be able to implement immediately."

"Randy is a fun and engaging instructor. His tips and methodology can really be used to improve your daily efficiency. I've already stopped being a slave to the "bling"!"

"5 Stars. Mr. Dean is a very good instructor. He is well organized and completely prepared. The information he shared is very useful, and could significantly improve my productivity."

"Excellent tips, and the pace is perfect."

"Was surprised on all the functions I can use Outlook for instead of just emails."

"I have already started implementing some of these tips as I go through the class! Has a positive impact!"

"Another great class from Randy!"


Complete your course registration and purchase today, and be a much better Outlook user by tomorrow! Why wait?

The selected demo YouTube video for this program shares just a couple of the numerous tips I'll be sharing in this program. See below.

Randall Dean
Randall Dean
Time, E-mail and Related Technology Management Speaker and Author

Randy Dean, MBA, the "E-mail Sanity Expert"(R), is a professional speaker and sought-after expert on time & e-mail management, effective organization, and the related use of technology. For more than 20 years, Randy has been leading training and speaking programs and presentations for major corporate, university, association, and government audiences. Obsessed with time management and personal productivity, he left a successful career as a graduate program admissions director, professional marketer, and manager to become a leading speaker and trainer. The author of the recent Amazon bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, he has led programs for thousands of satisfied and inspired students, managers, and professionals on being more productive and purposeful with their time and life. His highly informative and entertaining speaking and training programs leave audience members with immediately-usable tools, strategies, and skills on how to better manage their time, technology, and information overload following their program experience.

Randy Dean, MBA

The E-mail Sanity Expert ®

e-mail: randy@randalldean.com


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Video Replay of 2-Hour Combo Program -- Taming the E-mail Beast Using MS Outlook 2016 AND Optimizing Your MS Outlook 2016
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Video Replay -- Optimizing Your Outlook Webinar from Sept. 20, 2016
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